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Embers Bushcraft

Inspired by the natural world around us, Embers Bushcraft was founded to help us access the dormant potential we all have within us by using the medium of the outdoors. In understanding our natural world, using the medium of bushcraft and outdoor learning as a tool, Embers Bushcraft is able to provide positive and creative opportunities that can inspire. We are, therefore, able to develop your skills and confidence and feel this can enable everyone to be more than they are, however they perceive themselves.

Our Ethos

Embers Bushcraft’s ethos is about finding an inner resilience and using our knowledge, skills and perceptions to succeed in environments that are now sadly, often divorced from our cosy, protected, centrally heated and technology-driven 21st century world. With a minimalistic approach, we are able to connect with something special. Not only in our environment but more importantly, with ourselves and each other. We have learnt from experience this inspires change and the outdoor experience becomes a catalyst for this.  

Working across various locations in the South of England, we are able to deliver a multi-faceted and diverse range of specialised courses, fun and event days We provide residential and day activity programmes plus specific educational services for client groups in Hampshire, Dorset, Cornwall, Surrey, Sussex, North Wales and beyond. Using only experienced, qualified and passionate instructors we are able to ensure that every participant receives the highest level of education. Our Clients will leave their specific course with an unquenchable thirst for more.

Key Aims

Our key aims are to offer bespoke learning in every product we provide. We understand that every individual and group is different and what we need from our lives, education and personal experience will also be so. We actively design specific programmes for all our client groups that meet the needs of every participant. Through clear communication and consultation along with a personal approach and deep understanding of each client group. Embers are able to provide exceptional learning opportunities that go above and beyond the average provider. This hopefully leaves everyone accessing any Embers Bushcraft provision with a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

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