Complaints Policy

Embers Bushcraft is committed to ensuring that all young people participating in any of our programmes have a positive and rewarding experience. However, there may be occasions when a concern is raised, that requires further investigation. In the majority of cases, it is expected that any such concerns will be resolved in an appropriate and effective way with the relevant Lead instructor. However, should a complaint be raised that requires a more formal investigation and response, Embers Bushcraft has a procedure in place to ensure that the complaint can be dealt with as quickly as possible and in the best interests of all parties involved.

How to Make a Complaint

  • If the complaint relates to a specific event or project delivered by Embers Bushcraft, the initial contact should be with the member of staff running the event or the Lead instructor, who will do their best to resolve your complaint. 
  • If, after this initial contact, you are not satisfied that your concern has been addressed, you should then contact the company Director who will take over the management of your complaint.
  • Embers Bushcraft is committed to acknowledging all formal complaints within seven days, and aims to resolve all complaints within four weeks. In the case of more serious complaints this may take longer, but you will be kept informed of progress.
  • Once your complaint is referred to the company director he will look closely at the procedures followed during the initial complaint along with the actual complaint itself to assess whether company policies and procedures have been breached. If following an investigation the director is happy that company policies and procedures were followed correctly the investigation will be closed. If however he believes there are discrepancies he will continue his investigation.
  • All concerns and complaints will be treated with discretion, and, as far as possible will be treated in confidence. However, some information will have to be shared with those involved in order that the complaint can be investigated; where there is a statutory requirement, specific agencies will be notified in regard to certain types of complaint.

Embers Bushcraft will keep a log of all complaints whether they are handled informally or formally.

Embers Bushcraft Contact Details:

Company Director:

Embers Bushcraft, Whitewool Farm, East Meon, Petersfield GU32 1HW

Tel: 07814 567640



Reviewed by Rachel Gosling January 2022 (Next Review Date January 2023)