Embers Bushcraft is owned and run by Ian Gosling. As a fully qualified and experienced bushcraft instructor, Ian’s aim is to develop a business that not only feeds his passion for the outdoors and the subject of bushcraft and outdoor living and what it has to offer but more importantly, to offer it as a means to engage, educate and inspire young people and adults alike.

With an incredibly diverse life experience that has taken him around the world through travel and working abroad, Ian has also been afforded a variety of working experiences and career opportunities from banking to agriculture and hospitality to charity work, with a great deal of these roles in a managerial capacity. Over the last 15 years year he has been heavily involved in working directly with vulnerable client groups and now wants to use the subject of bushcraft as a medium of engagement that can reach hard to reach groups and mainstream alike. Ian understands that through outdoor education, which involves stimulating, creative and inspiring topics we are able to re-connect with not only the natural world around us, but more importantly how we feel and perceive ourselves. ‘Working in this environment gives us the opportunity to separate ourselves from the daily grind and responsibilities that define our daily lives, therefore allowing us to reflect upon or lives, review our life choices and directions and redefine who we choose to be and what we wish to achieve.‘

‘Activity for activity’s sake is limited without, passionate, dedicated and focused engagement. Empowering others with motivated and supportive engagement is key, as it’s the catalyst for inspiring change. Accept nothing less!’

Ian continues to pursue his passion for the outdoors with further education and experiences that he hopes he can continue to share.

  • NCFE Level 3 Advanced Bushcraft Award
  • NCFE Level 4 Bushcraft Leadership Award
  • NCFE Level 4 Wildlife Identification and Tracking
  • Deer Management Qualification Level 1
  • Cybertracker, Level 2 Track and Sign
  • Cybertracker, Level 1 Trailing
  • Cybertracker, Level 1 Tracker
  • NCFE Basic Counselling
  • NCFE Level 3 Advanced Counselling
  • ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid
  • Level 2, Food safety
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer
  • Midas